Tackling the Fashion Industry Waste Problem

Today, with nearly three-fifths of all clothing ending up in incinerators or landfills within a year of being produced, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world.

MUST HAD is the refashion platform born from the belief that a truly more sustainable fashion industry depends on using what already exists, focusing on RESCUE, REGENERATE and REVALUE.

By partnering with refashion experts, We offer stylish and exclusive clothing that are produced from fashion industry waste.

Aiming to build a community where responsible brands and conscious consumers can easily meet, discover each other and continuously learn.


The expression must-have is associated with “essential” clothes that consumers must have in their wardrobe. By coining this common saying, fashion brands have consciously pushed purchases over the limit.

By turning have into HAD we want to highlight the need for a paradigm change where the desire for owning and purchasing new products at any cost shifts towards conscious and responsible choices such as REUSE, REPURPOSING and RECYCLING.



We partner with brands, artisans, laboratories and designers who, through upcycling and recycling processes, give a new life to textile waste such as pre-owned materials, surplus fabrics, unsold inventory or other wasted materials.

We unveil their creations and tell their stories made of passions, traditions, craftsmanship, innovation, values and uniqueness.

We offer them a place where they can grow and continue to create value from waste.



All clothing and accessories on MUST HAD generally have a percentage of reused/recycled materials that ranges between 70% and 100%.

For every product on our store we share pictures and information of the rescued waste and the regeneration process behind the product.

We love fashion and we do not need to stop buying clothes. But we need to rethink our relationship with them and learn how to buy better.

Embracing REFASHION as the evolution of FASHION.

Because everything deserves a second chance.