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Vuscichè is a sustainable contemporary luxury brand, a mixture of craftsmanship, timeless pieces, and Scandi-cool, rustic colour processes. A stylist's dream, featuring unusual, genuine Art objets.
Giving back to the territory, celebrating the artisan history, tradition and heritage values.

Born in 2020 and based in Abruzzo, Vuscichè collects and classifies antique and precious materials like an anthropologist, looking for a meaning in wonderful lost fabrics.
The brand believes in the relationship between maker and customer, always engaging with new stories. Their clothes talk about craftsmanship, and history.
Abruzzo is a land where time is perceived differently. Vuscichè fell in love with the fabrics, the patterns, the colours and the idea of giving a second chance to the traditional materials in order to repurpose their timeless beauty.
"A diary of wonders, a tale of the world. The evocative power of objects to create memory and awaken the unconscious."