Silent People

Pre-Owned Clothing
Leftover Fabric
General Waste

Silent People's project is to reinvent accessories and handbags from pre-owned materials keeping an eye on environmental damage and economic sustainability. All products are strictly handmade in Italy and designed for a new 21st Century fashion concept.

The project was embraced in 2010 with the idea of developing authentic Italian craftsmanship that modern industry had put aside to keep pace with the world's fashion demand. Silent People was stepping into the now known, slow fashion movement.
Their passion for research, mostly done in European armies, led them to gather a vast quantity of military pieces, which eventually, became the primary material for their productions.
The unusual pairings, mixed naivety with unconventionality, make each piece unique and unrepeatable.
"Whatever may have the capacity to hold history and bring up thoughts will be enough to give birth to a new incredible container of emotions and personal belongings."