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Shamur is the Sweater.
The care for details and the study of lines and movements are the architecture of a thought.
A yarn taking shape accompanied by the jingling of the needles and craft machines.

Shamur is the union of two names: Maurizia, the designer and Sasha, the German Shepherd she had in her childhood.
Mauri- Sasha give rise to Shamur, that in Hebrew means "preserved".
This is how Maurizia decides to name her crafted knitwear line, characterized by an extreme care for details and quality.

The philosophy of Shamur consists in preserving the traditions, the Made in Italy and the Arts that are being lost.

Expert and experienced knitters give life to limited edition capsules by reusing yarns rescued from Maurizia's old archive or deadstock and second-hand sweaters.
Il bello arriva quando riconosci te stesso...