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It's dance. It's music. It's silence. It's hard as rock. It is soft like water. There is always a magnetic attraction between two polarities. One day 2 different personal styles, 4 eyes, 4 hands met on a canvas and fusion took place. This beautiful fusion is called Rockmantic.

Rockmantic launches its new R_born collection, a line of hand-knitted garments made with used garments, artwork and fabrics deriving from leftovers and stock, in perfect up-cycle philosophy. The fusion of two art forms, of two polarities, two cultures, two languages, two techniques. Mix of oil, acrylic, calligraphy, empty spaces to fill with graffiti, and many other drops of subjects that have found meaning on a single canvas. Each canvas has a story. Each canvas is a poem. This beautiful fusion is called “Rockmantic”. Romantic delicate oil brushes by Peonia (Russian artist) and strong rock touch beat by Plagio (Turin).
From Art to Fashion."