Ritagli di G

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"Ritagli di G" Was Born Out Of An Inspiration. It's The Result Of An Entire Life Spent Cutting, Sewing And Putting Together Leather Covers For Sofas. 30 Years Later, G. Starts Taking The First Steps Towards The Creation Of Bags And Backpacks Made By Sewing Together Scraps (Ritagli) Of Leathers Going To Landfill.

Perfectly in line with the principles of circular economy, all the bags branded Ritagli di G are designed and created completely by hand, through the upcycling of leather and fabric scraps derived from the manufacturing of sofas and armchairs. G.'s bags are made with high quality, fashionable and 100% Made in Italy materials.
"Uncommon thinkers reuse what common thinkers refuse."R. D. Tata