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Quintastagione is a brand of sustainable women's clothing creating Capsule Collections with already existing leftover fabrics.
The key of Quintastagione’s success is the right combination of creativity and ethics, being able to produce elevated garments with a low environmental impact.

Quintastagione was born in Turin from the creative hands of Silvia Giribaldi and the artistic direction of Eleonora Isabella Ozzello.
With the mission to make the industry greener, they have resized their concept of fashion giving life to capsule collections where the limited number of garments best represents their mood and vision.
Their collections are universal because they fit who wear them, and not the seasons. This represents for them a challenge and a maximum creative expression.
Following the slow fashion philosophy, their limited editions are hand-made exclusively with already existing leftover fabrics.
"Born for fun and out of necessity, the watchword is "extemporaneousness".