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Operamia is a brand based in Turin, founded by Camilla Merletti.
Camilla handpaints on second-hand garments, giving them new life.
The refinement of the decorations offer the opportunity to wear a unique, unrepeatable and precious garment.
A slow and careful work that contrasts with the speed of fast fashion.

Camilla's eyes and hands mediates the encounter between what already exists, the garment, and what is to come, an expression of research, balance of shapes and refinement of colors.
Observing nature, borrowing its patience and digging into the history of distant cultures, Operamia goes in search of what is precious.

The delicacy of the colors and the precision of the brush make the decoration blend harmoniously with the fabric, reviving the garment.
The images fill up with realistic details that empower a visual harmony through a skilful use of lights and shadows, of ying and yang.
"For every garment one person, for every person one garment. It's all about choosing each other."