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Malaika, an African-Swahili name, land of birth and angel of Barbara Ebbli, owner of the brand.
True melting pot of different cultural backgrounds, all merged into a true authentic Made In Italy!
Pieces are handworked, handmade, hand-finished, bonded by the Fashion Designer, Goldsmith, Dressmakers and the Painter.

Malaika goes hand in hand with perfection when things are not lost in the single detail but when form, art and design achieve the perfect balance.
The brand combines true Italian tailoring with Asian roots with Batik and hand painted Art.

There are 3 sizes/style, each one worked out singularly to highlight their irreplicability.
It is of utter importance to emphasize the singleness of each piece as each one stands on its own despite being part of an ensemble.

Malaika reinforces and prizes artisan-made quality over quantity and industrialization linking itself to a strong sense of sustainability.
Simply Luxurious! Make it your own, wherever you are…