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Hent is an Italian brand that believes in sustainability and second chances.
Born from a reflection on contemporary fashion and, in particular, on the excessive consumption of resources, the loss of textile culture, and the inability to recognize well-crafted and high-quality garments.

Hent clothes are all unique pieces, made with reclaimed fabrics and a timeless care. Each fabric has a story, a past life, which becomes part of the new garment: that's why they say their work is a kind of alchemy.
Pleasurable to touch and beautiful to wear, they are designed for those who approach fashion with both heart and mind, believing that dressing is, above all, a way to express their uniqueness.
Hent's atelier is located in Milan and is led by Gaëlle Fonvieille and Delphine Tosi, who operate it with a slow approach and a radical philosophy inspired by sustainability.
"The Alchemy of Fashion"