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Glovetoo is a small brand about hand-painted vintage gloves, which are given a "new" sexy light rather than becoming waste.
The gloves have unique designs and style, same as Glovetoo's vintage raincoats; from the ones inspired by Japanese paintings to the one talking about the romantic Parisian lifestyle.

GLOVETOO stands for gloves tattoo.
The founder of the brand is Valentina, an Italian artist and designer living and working in Milan.
Her creations are inspired by vintage photographs and illustrations, often influenced by Japanese art and Surrealism. By combining vivid colours with vintage materials, she strives to create a unique poetic atmosphere.
Valetina's greatest passion is to revive clothing and accessories while supporting environmental sustainability.
By drawing unique subjects on leather gloves and trench coats, she loves giving them a second life and offer a colourful artistic aura to the wearer.