Pre-Owned Clothing
Leftover Fabric
General Waste

Upcycling brand with a mission: creating a cool perception of ethical fashion and keeping it affordable.
Every piece is unique and handmade in Italy.
Collections are mainly three: Coords, Iconic and One Shot.

Fujiko&Margot pursues the goal of creating fashion out of unwanted clothing, vintage stuff, samples, leftovers and anything which would become polluting waste.
We believe in sublimating potential in every form and situation.

The founders, Federica and Federica, have chosen this name because of the girlfriend/nemesis of Lupin III.
She is Fujiko in the original version of the popular manga from the 70s, later becoming Margot for the European public.
So F&M are the same person, two names for one character, just like they share one name for two different - but similar, connected souls, having the same passions and goals.
"Beauty will save the world"