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Emina is Giulia Perin, an Italian anthropologist and craftswoman who spent the last years in Indonesia to study the local traditional techniques of textile design.
Emina pursues sustainability and closeness to nature by personally designing, executing all the stages in the production cycle of her textile artefacts.

Emina presents "Recolor", a capsule upcycling collection of blouses and tank tops.
The aim of Recolor is to bring new life to end-of-series clothing by modifying its fibers through coloring, leaving the sartorial profile unaltered. Each item is individually designed and crafted by using the batik technique and natural dyes.
Most of the plants used in the dyeing process are self-produced on the hills of the botanical garden of Moncalieri and Chieri Textile Museum.
Emina is wearable conscious art.
Emina: artistic, sustainable, and nature-friendly textiles.