Close the Loop

Pre-Owned Clothing
Leftover Fabric
General Waste

Close the loop is a project born from the desire of Must Had to have a more significant impact in the fight against the Fashion waste problem.

This initiative aims at "closing the loops", committing in the rescue, revaluation and recirculation of textile waste.

Must Had personally collects second-hand and deadstock clothing from people, brand’s warehouses or shops, and distribute them to its network of Refashion brands who will give them a new, fashionable life.

Every “Close the Loop” unique piece is then offered on Must Had platform.

What is really magic about this initiative is that Must Had's network of upcyclers is very heterogeneous and varied, indeed each of them has its own know-how and style.
Must Had makes a meticulous selection of the textile waste and allocate them to each brand based on the type of garment and the refashion expertise of the brand.
"Everything deserves a second chance".