Atelier Barracu

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Atelier Barracu offers a selection of unique pret a couture pieces. Handcrafted respecting the entire production chain, with the attempt to promote a more ethical and inclusive fashion! Not too subject to fleeting trends but stainless over time and style.

Atelier Barracu is a young Made in Italy brand founded in Milan in 2020.
The atelier bases its work on the recovery of old materials and garments in order to give them a new life, designing small collections of unique garments that arise from a vision projected towards the future but which remain strongly linked to typical Italian traditions such as tailoring and the modeling.
In fact, each piece is crafted and packaged by hand with the utmost care and attention to detail, in order to obtain a high quality tailored product that enhances the uniqueness of the person who wears it.
"Buy less and choose better! Always choose quality over quantity".