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VAER is a Copenhagen based upcycling brand. We give new life to discarded textiles by transforming jeans and workwear into upcycled sneakers. At VAER, we believe in making sneakers that are as sustainable as possible throughout the entire lifecycle, which is why we upcycle old VAER sneakers into new soles.

Upcycling is usually a one-of-a-kind process. Vaer is changing this by standardising the input material so that we can make production scalable.
By doing this, we skip resource intense steps such as spinning, weaving and dyeing. We are thinking circularity into our design by using discarded jeans, work wear and tablecloths. We also upcycle old VAER sneakers into new soles.

VAER was founded in Copenhagen in 2019. The name VAER comes from the Danish word ‘vær’ or ‘værdi’ which means ‘be’ and ‘value’. We chose it because we take valuable materials and upcycle them into an even more valuable product.
"We use waste to make fashion"

"Transforming old jeans into new sneakers"