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Upcycling - Andreina Quiroga was created with the goal of reversing the course of waste in fashion.

The founder and designer (Andreina Quiroga), after years in the Made-in-Italy fashion chain,has known highlights and shadows of this system, experiencing at first hand its enormous environmental impact.

From this came the choice to take action and give a creative and concrete response to a market that speaks to us of only blind and unconscious consumption.

Upcycling's strength is to be completely zero-waste while maintaining very high quality.

From reclaimed materials to handmade tailoring, every part of the creative process is supervised by the designer to shape handmade, conscious, unique pieces.

"I hope my garments inspire people to consume more consciously, choosing clothes that convey a sense of uniqueness, sustainability and personal style." - A.Q.
With every purchase, try to be more mindful. Educate yourself. Read the composition, read the brand story. Ask yourself, who made my clothes?