Tsitsi Concept

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Costanza and Fabiana, fashion and graphic designer, are the founders of Tsitsi concept, a project that combines the world of sewing, yarns and upcycled fabrics with the world of colors, graphics and prints.

Each garment is designed, sewn and printed entirely by hand by Costanza and Fabiana, who divide the production phase according to their skills, to obtain an excellent result.

For their project, they research and use fabrics from the dead inventories of Italian companies, in order to avoid the production of new fabrics and to produce small pieces in the same design; a choice that makes each garment unique and limited.

Their iconic product is the raincoat, which is not a simple piece of rainwear but features a handmade printed graphic on the inside, representing a map of Italian cities.
"It may rain but you have a rainbow anyway."