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SkinsBelts is an eco project born from an idea that combines passion and respect for the mountains.
Starting from upcycling old climbing skins, they turn them into belts and dog collars.

Climbing skins are commonly called ''sealskins'' for their origins in the early 900, when in northern Europe, the skins of seals were tanned and used to move between villages during the winter months.
Today, climbing skins are produced from textile fibers, which can be synthetic, natural or mixed.

The fur-like material prevents the skis from sliding backwards when the skier is climbing a mountain.

Marta, one of the founders, her brother and her partner got enthusiastic of the project from the first day she mentioned it to them. They helped her to develop SkinsBelts, bringing ideas and continuously improve the product.
"Skins'' that climbed lots of mountains, will keep the memories of those adventures by keeping your pants up."