Sartoria Ismara

Pre-Owned Clothing
Leftover Fabric
General Waste

Two people, a small tailor's shop and a purely artisanal mindset.
The evolution started in 2010 when Sartoria Ismara gave life to their first collection and offered it to the customers of the tailor's shop.
The reception was good and the team decided to start the first collaborations with multi-brand stores.

Today, Sartoria Ismara is an independent small brand focused on craftsmanship and dealing directly with every phase of its business.

Behind their comfy and minimalist pieces, Sartoria Ismara strongly focus on the environmental impact that they generate and for this reason they prioritize natural fibers.

All the products on Must Had are produced with leftover fabrics rescued from the textile manufacturing district of Biella where they were wasted from the production of high-end men's clothing.
"A purely artisanal process."