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'Peekaboo!' is a Made in Italy collection of handcrafted sustainable jewelry made with wasted aluminum can tabs.
The regeneration involves an innovative powder coating process and successive crochet work.
The ancient tradition of this process meets the innovation of materials and color.

The buttons used as closures on necklaces and bracelets are all unique vintage pieces.
The aluminum of tab cans are stainless and lightweight, revisited and processed so that they acquire a high value.
Each piece is marked with its own logo, laser engraved on a medal that comes from old vinyls.

The brand decorates the jewelry with disused materials such as crystal drops from old chandeliers, industrial leather scraps or vintage buttons.

But the real innovation lies in the powder coating of the aluminum: a sustainable technique, ultra-resistant, washable, solvent-free and done manually using renewable energy, with no waste.
"Don't create using the new, but create something new with what you already have."