Pre-Owned Clothing
Leftover Fabric
General Waste

OOST fashion project aims to reimagine existing clothing by creatively upcycling previously loved items, reshaping and reworking them into new one of a kind garments.
Every OOST piece is imagined with the same idea in mind: to give conscious design through seasonless and effortless styles.

Everything OOST makes comes from what has already been produced so only transforming existing garments and materials in order to extend their life.
Oost chooses things to rework already knowing how to create something new with them, then they deconstruct and reassemble them in different ways, giving life to something new.
During the reconstruction process OOST keeps some of the details of the old garment construction and they integrate them in the new style.
So, in every OOST style you will find the old details and the new ones, combined together in a very special and unique piece that you will wear forever.
"Waste isn't waste until we waste it"