Nasco Unico

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Leftover Fabric
General Waste

Nasco Unico creates unique pieces reusing carefully selected fabrics saved from the waste production of high-end European fabric producers.
A community of people who believe in recycling, reuse and waste reduction.

Nasco Unico follows a zero-waste production cycle: the jackets are assembled by the customers cm by cm, from buttons to linings. An handcrafted laboratory handles the elaborated tailoring process and save all the scraps that will be stored and used for future productions."Time = Quality", says the owner Andrea Francardo. "It takes time to give life to high-quality custom art pieces, strictly made in Italy, whose production focuses on the minimization of the environmental impact."
"La pelle è mia. Se devo nascere, allora nasco. E se nasco, Nasco Unico."
"The skin is mine. If I have to born, then I born. And if I born, I born unique."