Mila Sai

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Mila Sai is a jewelry brand born inspired by 2 fascinating worlds. The complexity-simplicity of nature and human intricacy.
We redefine the waste into shiny treasures and small pieces of art that will style your day and make you part a respectful feature.

Mila Sai is a jewelry brand based in Spain. Born after a creative research inspired by 2 fascinating worlds. The complexity, simplicity of nature and design.
We obtain our resources from discarded glass, recycled silver and gold, as an alternative in favor of the environment, redefining the waste into durable treasures with conscious design.
We like to think of each piece as a small unique sculpture, we create with purpose and passion, and we care for each detail.
Due to the manual process there are slight variations on the final pieces, so no two are completely alike, making every pair special and unique.
We like to think of our pieces as small unique sculptures that we create with purpose, consciousness and passion. And we look at them as treasures that can make you shine.