Linea Lookin

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Leftover Fabric
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Linea Lookin is an artisanal lab from Torino (Italy), producing bags using old unused recovered fabrics.
The bags are hand-painted and hand-made, with a touch of beautiful imperfection.
All of them are different and this make them unique and exclusive, same as the fabrics they are made of.

Linea Lookin designs and produces, with the brand Imperfec-TO, bags and accessories using old leftover fabrics such as hemp, linen, velvet, etc, contributing in this way to an environmentally sustainable policy.

These fabrics, hand-painted and treated to make them suitable for a use different than the original, give life to handcrafted bags, each one different from the other, with their own stories.
Exclusive pieces addressed to unconventional women, who do not conform. Unique women just like the bags.
"Imperfect accessories full of history."