Laboratorio Luparia

Pre-Owned Clothing
Leftover Fabric
General Waste

The artisan atelier Laboratorio Luparia is a family run business, deeply anchored in traditions.
Founded in Torino by Fulvio Luparia, the Lab has collected a multi-year expertise in regenerating old high-quality clothing such as cashmere and 100% wool knitwear.

Through a network of specialized partners, Laboratorio Luparia rescues and collects high-quality leftover fabrics and pre-owned clothing. After a set of hygienization and sartorial processes, Fulvio and his team create value by embellishing fabrics and clothing with vivid colors.
All the different phases of the regeneration process are handcrafted and allow to give a new life to unique products.
"A waste has always been seen as a problem. In my opinion, it is a great opportunity to tell and continue a story ...
I always feel blessed to be part of its narrative"