Giglio Tigrato

Pre-Owned Clothing
Leftover Fabric
General Waste

Reinvent, Reuse, Reduce.
Giglio Tigrato is a brand from Milan, 100% Made in Italy and entirely realised using other companies overproductions.
Through Upcycling processes and creativity, Giglio tries to find a new way of self expression.

Giglio Tigrato was founded by Carlotta Orlando in 2020.
Giglio divides its production in Vintage and tailor made Collections, creating unique hand-painted or printed pieces and limited Upcycled editions garments, 100% Made in Italy, using only leftovers and dead-stocks from other companies waste.
Giglio takes inspiration from the Japanese Culture and from Native Tribes symbolism, designing garments that will last over time both for the quality of the raw material and the unique, personal style of each piece.
"Sustainable & Rebellious"