Francesca Marchisio

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Leftover Fabric
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Francesca Marchisio is an Italian designer and owner of an atelier in Reggio Emilia.
Transformation is essential for Francesca Marchisio.
She combines design, aesthetics and Italian manufacture.
Reversible coats, sustainable fabrics and a real made in Italy are her tools to create objects to wear for a long time.

A real conscious waste-couture is the new sustainable and innovative Francesca Marchisio’s vision, experienced as an intrinsic element of craftsmanship, local Italian production character, and also as a real creative chance to re-use offcuts giving them a new value through the precious application of embroideries.
Seamstresses are involved both in the hand-making production and in the creative process, for the composition of unique pieces.

Ethical craftsmanship experimentation featuring a high sartorial content gives life to simple, unique and timeless capsules, also thanks to the uniqueness of each offcut.
"Authenticity means to change while remaining yourself"