Bolina Sail

Pre-Owned Clothing
Leftover Fabric
General Waste

Bolina Sail products have stories to tell.
Every product is born from a discarded sail that has finished its adventure at sea.
Each one of thier sails has a story to tell, and get a second life in high quality craftsmanship products made with patience and experience.

UPCYCLING: The bags are made from 100% upcycled sailcloth
CRAFTMANSHIP: Each one of them is 100% handcrafted through an artisanal process.
ZERO KM: They are 100% made in Italy with materials produced as close as possible to their workshop.

What does "Bolina" mean?
Bolina translates as “upwind”. It refers to a typical sailing gait where the bow is bringed as far as possible in the direction of the wind in order to pick up speed.
For those who sail, upwind is the most exciting gait because the boat seems to be carried away – as if it were suddenly to take off...
"Each bag is a sail.
Each sail has a story."