Be Your Balance

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From the passion for handmade, BeYourBalance Slings is born, a unique and artisanal handmade product that transforms leftover fabrics from all over the world into exclusive eyeglass laces, each one has a name and a story.

Martina, the founder, is an artisan dreamer and timeless creator from an early age.
From the passion for craftsmanship "Be Your Balance" was born, conceived from the first product created, handcrafted balance boards, cut and painted by hands.
When she became a snowboard teacher, she stopped making them, but the project found its shape from the need not to drop the goggles on the snow.
Thus the name of the Be Your Balance project became a motto to protect her ever-evolving artistic journey. 
Goggle straps, useful, timeless, born from a love of African waxes and a passion for upcycling.
"~ Be Your Balance~
~ Sii il Tuo Equilibrio~"