AP Mood

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AP MOOD was born in 2018 from the project of Annalisa with the aim of connecting the most classic and elegant women's clothing with the dynamism of the body and the expressivity of its movements. It is a high quality tailoring brand completely made in Italy.

AP MOOD is a brand of handmade women's clothing, made with care and passion, mixing the choice of fine and colorful fabrics with the softness and design of the shapes.

The research of materials is very important for Annalisa, who enjoys to always experiment and revalue precious deadstock fabrics otherwise destined to destruction.

The result is the creation of comfortable upcycled garments, suitable for all the movements and at the same time able to enhance the lines of the female body, accompanying the body with elegance and sobriety in different occasions.
"Practicality, Dynamism, Here and Now."